Do we choose our hotel?

Yes you can select between the hotels within our network. If you would like a hotel other than what is available we can accommodate this in most cases. Some hotels may come at an additional cost.


How do payment instalments work?

You may choose to do upfront payment or payment plans. We do payment plans based on each group’s needs. Typically Payments are due on the 15th OR 30th of each month depending on when you’ve placed your deposit. Minimum monthly payments for all packages are $250.


When is the final deposit due?

Final deposits and payments need to be in no later than 30 days before carnival. Costume deposits, on the other hand, are due 30 days after booking. Depending on the carnival and costume you’ve chosen this can range ($100 – $350).


What if someone in my group drops out?

If someone in your group drops out, and you would still like to go to Carnival you may join another group, or change the options for your package to a Guest House.

If you would like to keep your original hotel or guest house, then you would need to assume the hotel fees of the group member.


Costumes FAQ


Costumes come in different sizes and styles


What is a Frontline Costume?

Frontline costumes are the largest version of the costume you can get. It typically means more feathers, larger headpiece, or back/shoulder piece.


What is a Backline Costume?

A backline costume is the smallest version of the costume. Instead of a headpiece with feathers, you may get a tiara or smaller feathers.


What is a Midline Costume Mean?

A midline costume is a cross between frontline and backline costume.


Do I have to wear the costume to participate?

Typically to participate you must wear the full costume. Most importantly many mas bands require that you wear your wristband at all times.


I am conservative and do not want to show so much skin, what can I do?

You sometimes have the option when registering for a costume to request a monokini, tankini, or corset or even boy shorts.


Events FAQ


What to wear?

Depending on the events you are attending you may want to Bring a mix of “Dress up clothing”, swimwear, and casual clothing (t-shirt, shorts or jeans)

Women tend to “Dress up” Heels/ wedges, nice dress/ outfit. Men- Button downs)

Other events like Cooler Fetes or boat ride will require less elaborate clothing. Pay attention to the location of the event, and event information. Some events require beachwear/swimwear.



J’Ouvert is typically the night before Carnival, leading into carnival day.

It usually includes paint, mud, oil.

Be Sure to wear old sneakers, jeans and t-shirts. Wearing a headwrap to protect your hair from paint is usually a good idea.


I see you have different types of packages. What are the differences between pricing?

Some elements of your carnival trip ranges in price these are :

Depending on the Event, accommodations, and costumes selected the price will change.

We also have VIP packages and standard packages.

If you select this package, it is the early bird option.


Can I go if I do not want a costume?

Yes! Although Carnival is much more fun when you join in. You can request an Accommodations + Event package only.


Do you do Flights?

Everyone’s schedule is different. If you have a large enough group approx. 10+, we can get you great deals on flights if everyone is travelling at the same time.


I have a large group with varying needs. I don’t see a package that fits our requirements.

Please send us an email, so we may customize a package for you.


How many nights should I spend on my Carnival Trip?

We recommend at least 3 nights in order to get the full experience.


Should I rent a car?

We don’t recommend car rentals for Carnivals located in the Caribbean. For North American based Carnivals it can be beneficial as event locations tend to vary.


When do I pick up/receive my costume?

Costume pick up happens at the mas camp for the band you will be playing with. Pickup times will be provided as your trip nears.


What events should I attend?

You can view a list of events for carnivals here. You can also choose to have us select your events.


I need help deciding, can you help me?

Yes we certainly can! To begin having one of our specialist assist you please fill out the form here.


I would like to attend Trinidad Carnival, but I don’t see any hotels. What should I do?

It can be a bit more difficult to secure a room for Trinidad Carnival as hotels tend to not list their packages for sale online. You may need to contact the hotel to check availability. You can also choose to go with one of our vip packages to have us secure your room.


If food included?

Breakfast is included with your accommodations. During some parties there will be complimentary alcoholic drinks, food and snacks.

On the carnival day, Lunch and Food is also included.


I’ve never been to a carnival. Is there any more information you can share with me?

Yes please visit this link for more information.


I purchased a package when will I receive confirmation on my trip itinerary?

If you have paid for your package in full. You will receive monthly updates on the status of your trip. Monthly payment plans also receive updates but it depends on timely payment.


Do you offer Transportation Services?

Yes, transportation is included with every package. This includes Airport Transfers, pick up/drop off to events.


What is the difference between Mad bands?

There are small mas bands, and large mas bands. Smaller mas bands offer a more intimate experience, and are usually less expensive than the large mas bands.


Can I choose which mad band I want?

You will be allowed to select your top 4 mas bands of choice and we will secure one of the four on your behalf. This is on a first come first serve basis and is determined by the date of your initial deposit and if your installments are made on time.

Or you can have Cinfo suggest the events.


Can I choose my costume?

You will be allowed to select your top 3 costumes of choice and we will secure one of the three for you. This is on a first come first serve basis and is determined by the date of your initial deposit and if your installments are made on time

Or you can have us suggest the costumes


Can I select my own events?

You can select your events or have Cinfo select for you.


How do I pay?

Initial deposits are handled online via multiple payment options. Once your payment and registration is confirmed, Further payments are handled through Wire transfer/ Electronic Transfer. You also have the option of utilizing our online payment system at a 3.5% service fee.


Can I pay in Installments or parts?



When is final payment due?

Your final payment is due 2 months from registration


When Should I place my deposit?

Deposits should be placed immediately, as our packages sell out very quickly, and are on a first come first serve basis.


I have friends, Can we pay separately?

Yes, you can pay separately.


Q: Do you offer Flights?

A: Although, we can include flights in


I am more interested in staying in a guesthouse or renting a house for Carnival. Can you help me?

Sure, we have great guest houses or B&Bs.


Do you book trips for other carnivals outside of Trinidad or for other destinations in the Caribbean?

Yes, contact us.


What do I need to participate in Carnival?

  • Costumes
  • Typically most Carnivals require you to wear a costume to participate in the actual parade. You can choose a costume by looking through our website and contacting a mas bad directly or use our carnival package section to have us help you.
  • Events
  • Events are a staple for most Carnivals through the caribbean and americas. They are broken down into the following groups
  • 1) Cultural Events
  • 2) All inclusives (inclusive of drink and/or food)
  • Cooler Fete (BYOB)
  • 3) Standard Parties
  • J’Ouvert (usually)
  • Hotel
  • Booking a hotel early for your Carnival trip is crucial as in some locations (ie trinidad) hotel accommodations are limited and should be booked asap. For most locations you can use our Booking engine here.
  • Trinidad: For trinidad it can be difficult to get hotels using regular online booking sites. We recommend you either call the hotel directly or use our VIP packages.
  • Flight
  • We also recommend buying flights early to save on cost. Through the year Carnival Info has special rates and pricing please use our flight booking system here.

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